Mittwoch, August 15, 2018


Sportpanorama & Ticino

I’ve been in Switzerland for a week now. It’s been great to be home and surrounded by family and friends. I’m currently in a recovering and fine-tuning stage in my training, so I’ve had more time to myself and enjoy myself outside of the pool. Last week I was a guest on SF Sportpanorama. It’s always been a dream of mine to be on the most recognized sport show in Switzerland. Beni Thurnherr, the moderator, is a Swiss icon in the TV and entertainment industry. Click here for a link to the show (it's in Swiss German).

Following the TV show I made my up to Bern to pick up my Swiss Olympic gear. We got some really cool things. I can’t wait to show off my stuff at the Olympics. Please check back with Twitter/Facebook for photos.

I’ve spent the last couple of days in the Ticino with the Swiss Olympic Swimming Team. It’s been great catching up and laughing together. The Olympic the movement is fantastic but I think what is equally as nice, is the friendships that you build throughout a career. You're friends with people that have the same passion and drive as you. You will forever have a bond with everyone that you meet throughout your career. I’ve been fortunate enough to have some of my training partners from Los Angeles with me here. We’ve been training together and been laughing a lot.

On Monday I’m off to London. The big dance is only just around the corner. Check back in a few days for my race schedule. Cheers for now

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