Mittwoch, August 15, 2018


Minneapolis Grand Prix

Time has flown by. In my previous post I mentioned the Minneapolis Grand Prix. The time has finally come to race. This will be the first competition for me in the 2011-2012 Olympic season. I'm excited to see what I can do in heavy training. Most of all though, I'm excited to do what I love most: travel. It's been a while since I've travelled for a competition. 

Please click HERE for a link to live feed, results and more information. 

I'll be swimming the 100, 200 and 400m freestyle at this event so keep your eyes open for the Swiss cross on my Speedo LZR racer.  As always thank you so much for your continued support.

Few Weeks Later

It’s been a few weeks of some grueling practices. My body feels exhausted to say the least. What’s crazy is that my Coach, Dave Salo, is able to keep me engaged and challenged even when my body doesn’t want to or can’t move anymore.

I’ve been in the water now for almost 8 weeks and I feel like I am getting in really good shape. Being pushed daily by the best athletes in the sport of swimming, is one of the luckiest experiences I’ve ever had. I’m constantly pushing myself to new limits and achieving things that I never knew I could do.

With the FINA World Cup underway and following some of the swimming abroad, I’m eager to do some swim competitions myself. The first one on the agenda is the Minneapolis Grand Prix, in Minnesota. I’m really looking forward to this meet because it’s the first one of the season. Although I’m excited, I also need to be realistic about my goal setting. I’m in better shape right now than I ever have been in my career this early in the season. However, I’m more broken down than I can remember. That said, I’m excited for the challenges ahead and look forward to some fast swimming coming up.

I’ll keep you all in the loop. Go strong everyone!

Back to a routine

After the World Championships I treated myself to 3 weeks away from the pool. I spent the time seeing family and friends in Switzerland and a couple of days doing nothing but surfing at the coast here in Los Angeles. On August 22nd the next chapter of “Mission London 2012” began.

Thanks to my performances in Shanghai, I have already pre-qualifed for the 2012 Olympic Games. With this hurdle behind me I can now fully concentrate on training and preparing for next year. Today, there are only 315 days left until the open ceremonies in the capital of the United Kingdom. The days are going by fast so it’s been imperative that I’ve gotten myself back into a routine.

The first few days of swimming were incredibly painful. I could hardly believe how fast I lost my “feel” for the water. I prided myself not touching the water during my weeks off. I quickly regretted that when I dove in for our first practice. Haha…. However, I know that the weeks I took off were necessary to clear my head and come back to training with new found motivation and energy.

The last couple of weeks have been incredibly intense but I have found to enjoy pushing myself back into shape and racing some of the best swimmers in the world on a daily basis. In order to achieve my goals in London I will have to work hard every single day. I’m ready!

For now it’s important for me to get back into a routine. I think that routine is the quickest way to get in shape. My body needs to get used to waking up at 6:30am and lifting weights on Mondays and Fridays. I started doing doubles last week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. My body is broken down but I know that with time and routine I’ll get to where I want to be :)

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